Sunday, November 22, 2009

doc& teacher

i sent my mom a msg

"i am going to australia. Everyone pass d exam"

it juz took seconds for Mama to reply my msg

"Congratulation! mama 100% confident kakak akan berjaya sebb mama tgk kakak pown mcm 120% confident akan lepas. (hahaha ad unsur pemerlian d cnie) semoga adek2 akan ikut jejak langkah kakak n abg mereka"

" xpyhla ikowt p overC jus ntok jadik cekgu... xhebat pown..huhuhu =p "

mom den replied sumtin dat truly unexpected...

"antara pekerjaan yg plg mulia adalah cekgu dan doktor.. Insyallah mama ada dua2 tu"

huuuuu..terharuu (~.~)

"huhuhu tq so much! tp result xbape bez..gonna struggle more in Oz"

_laz monday, 23rd nov 2009, the final result announced.
Everyone is going to brisbane!_

doc & teacher...

sometimes i juz dun feel like being a teacher..
yup, i love to talk a lots and enjoy entertaining kids but frankly... i still miz my dream job...
wishing dat everything is juz a dream and i will wake up still in my high school...
now.. it is reality! i am going to be a teacher and life..past, present and future is leading me to become an outstanding educator in another 3 years..
it is wonderful to know that my parents never look down on me as i am thinking berfore.
in fact, there are proud to have 'teacher' in the house.

my younger bro, on the other side is struggling in his foundation in medical course..
a dream course for almost all... yet he regrets it! He is more interested in pilot...
stay cool bro! u'll see the bright side of it soon..
it is our destiny and everything happen for a reason...

living life to the fullest!


Anonymous said...

sy mau komen

aSNi FaRisyA said...

asni farisya likes this post.. =)

shuk said...

mama lupa la sorang lagi anak ni mama nak letak mana??

camaraderie said...

yer2..ank mama xlupa aih.. dok mai umah godeng2 slalu~ nk lupa camna nie~

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