Sunday, August 15, 2010

up side down


I woke up late. And

I always wake up late and

Hardly wake up early.

Dats d worst part of me! Sigh~

I had a worst nightmare last night and

A night before it t0o..but

I seldom have such terrible night mare so


Why these passed two days it came knocking.


I thought that i am okay but

I am not okay which

Seriously not okay. Plus.

i would only be okay if..

hurm..if im dead! (joke~)

It is time to move on i guess..

and i gotta be sure of it.

Yes i will!

T0o much time wasted and

i don’t get anything in return which

I hate myself for it..hurmm

kebahagiaan itu ada.. tapi siapakah yang mendapatkannya dengan mudah?


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