Thursday, March 18, 2010

GOMA visit

I cudnt really remember when did we start the patches programme, but it has been weeks since we had Edwina as our service learning student. In this programme, 58 of us (the Malaysian students) were grouped into groups wif each group has its own Australian student. So every Thursday, at 4 till 5 pm we have to be in our patches groups doing task set by Donna and Erika (our lecturers).

Recently, as one of the outdoor activities, we had a visit at Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). It was on the laz Monday. As first we decided to enjoy Dear John, a romantic movie adapted from the Nicholas Spark novel. However, the ticketing time did not favour us. Frustrated, we moved to GOMA which is quite far from the cinema.

Erm and guess wut..i mistakenly chose the wrong shoes for my day. My leg ached, making it hard to walk. Damn hurt! Though i managed to pretend like nutin happen and continued walking ‘perfectly’~

Owh so here some osome time we had together.. goma day out~ (^.^)Y peace~!

rusa kristal d GOMA

me n edwina

us! k.amar, nafis, ju, ellie, me n edwina

tiru gaya pkcik tua yg beku (org lilin)

plg comey~ org kecik2 pegang bunga~

pic of lady made by cupcakes.. if im not mistaken

pokok besi buruk~ hui2 cam dok zaman aladin pown ad..

[looking 4ward to watch dear john tp jenuh tadah tlinge la..mane ad subtitle.. huhuhu]

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