Saturday, June 5, 2010

good things come together! =)

.:kind of a personal story.. n feel like sharing.. mind reading? =) :.

it was about yesterday when my esaimen had safely submitted and my holiday was officially started.(early june- end of july). yeay! no-esaimen-time! heaven~~

erm after submitted the esaimen, i was so exited to go the rally.. y? because i want to n i have to!
me, had cried for the suffer n pain that the palestinians had gone through since years. the cruel israel soldier, the innocence palestinians kids, bloody war. owh u cud feel the pain when u really go through the vids and news about them. seriously! so rally, for me, kind of showing your support and feeling towards palestine to the world. that u against the israel brutality and to not to join the rally. erk! what a waste! *for me la*

but den, i got no friend to go with me. ah frust! everybody seemed to have their own plan and me, kept on searching for a friend! if not, i would go with my hommies to have dinner at satay club, (a restaurant wif lovely msian food) n have a walk at southbank which of course i certainly love. huhuhu =( but i still thinking of going to the rally and i was almost gave up when fad, d laz person i called, said that she would like to go. so.. hey! that was a great joy!

so there we were, at the rally for around..erm two hours. from 5 sumtin to 7.40. i had a great time there. to share my feeling and spirit with heaps of nice people, it was awesome! after everything ended, i managed to buy a 'free palestin' bangle. nice one. only for two dollars! hehe~ like it so much! oh, den i remembered sumtin. my buddies! they shud be in d city. having dinner i guess. so, i called them n i was rite. they were at the satay club.

so based on ju's direction, i tried my best to find the restaurant n it kind of freaking me out since i never walked alone before. seriously ok~ NEVER! n tonite i was walking alone, in the city, crossing the street, going through the dark alley to search for a place. *sound adventurous rite? hahaha =D* and aha! finally..thanx GOD, i managed to find it.

...hehe then, the saturday's nite began..

we had a great time walking around the city and southbank:

me with nafis.
at the brisbane square

with ju on the citycat
(brisbane public transport, ferry)

with the 'wheel of brisbane' as the background

having 'jagong rebus' together
2 dollar for each half of the corn.

my housemates

.:ok here are some food at the satay club. scrumptious!:.

laksa ayam (if im not mistaken)

nasik goreng kampung

.:and here are some 'anasir2 plek tp comel' ( i dun noe what people call them) at the city.:

erk! i dun have any idea what she was doing

mary had many2 lambs..haha

a boy with fish and....bla bla bla

nice isn't it?
there was also a nite market at the southbank but den no picture to show..huhu
erm maybe next time ok.. =p

[huu went to the rally and hang out wif my girls
it was a bliss!
hoho i totally enjoyed that night]

see! good things came together!
i dun miz any.
after all.. it was all Allah will
tQ Allah

cheers~ =)


Sidratul Muntaha said...

Wei budak.Ko letak gambar lucah kat bawah.haha...

p/S:mari sebarkan doa untuk Gaza. ;)

z.e.t.t.y said...

lucah? eh lucahke? xnmpk pown~
ko yg pk tu elok j rasa best wat aksi2 erotik kat situh.. pape ntah..mat salleh~

mari2.doakan mereka!

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