Thursday, August 19, 2010

blood test lg? T___T

As being pushed by mom, i met d doc today after i set the appointment yesterday. Alone, i went to the QUT health centre, waited about less than 30 minutes before being called by the doc. (here, in Brisbane, the doctor, herself will come out from her room, and call for her patient).

So i told the doc about my problem.. bla bla bla..and she typed it into her komp.

“ok i have to check you...”

Okai docter, silakan~ (joking) NO BAHASA LAH.

"So..dear.. i cudnt tell u what the prob until u carry out the ultrasound and blood test!"


Blood test lagi?? Ayo....

They already took my blood for 5,6 times before this. Want some more ka? Huhu T___T

Unfortunately, the both test and imaging couldn’t be done at the same place but it needs me to travel a ‘little bit’. Haish.. (termengeluh)

She gave two forms for me to bring to the hosp with my case written on it..

“she is bla bla bla bla. Started bla bla bla.. no pain bla bla bla bla “


Located in the 259, weckham terrace, Brisbane city which it took nearly an hour for US to find it. A long long way~ up to the hill and some turn left and right plus we almost lost! Grrr

We finally found it after asking four people with one of them said "thank you" before we could even speak a word (dy xnk tulun kami, dy blah gitu j, ampes~)

So private hosp~ what do u expect? nice people, superb customer service, and awesome facilities. yo! Ops that is exaggerating ok~ they don’t have any prayer room which we ended up praying asar prayer in the collection centre. (the place where my blood was sucked.haha!). lucky us~ least..

neway, having medi bank allow me to have free service and, NO CHARGE, NO BILL. medi bank will cover everything. hoho.. syukur2. juz imagine if i have to pay for the bill? erk..mau negative duit dlm bank. horror gler (gaya ustaz kazim elias) =P

terima kaseh kementrian pelajaran msia~

i love you so much lah! hehe

"sian cik aesyah, kok bukak puasanya di city aja kerana nemanin gua. kami ngak sempat pulang before maghrib huhu"

TQ aesyah~ i owe u a lot~!

i would rather be able to appreciate things i can not have than to have things i am not able to appreciate~

naseb hg bes wahai hosp.

teman baik. cik aesyah.


p/s esok mau ke hosp lg di temani CIK JUE. gf numb dua.
kne minum byk air tok ultrasound esok. xsuka xsukaaaa!!!

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