Saturday, September 4, 2010

today is saturday and today..

Today is...

Today is Saturday..

Today is 25 Ramadhan 1431

Today is 4th September 2010, the fourth day of spring!

Today was the last day me and Ju working with Clare, the Chinese lady from Singapore.

I quit! Ju either!


Owh juz cant stand playing with those detergents for hours and been paid as if u did nothing to clean up THOSE total messed houses!

Today... i treated myself with two black flowery dresses, a pink cardi and red beret!

They are on discount, absolutely gorgeous PLUSS i am stress. With my EX boss.. haish..lucky you laaa clare~

Today is the first day of Brisbane Festival..

Me, ju had an awesome time enjoying the colourful fireworks on the Victoria Bridge after almost gave up since we had waited for 30 minutes.

We sat on the floor, against the fence, ignoring others as they did. Oporto in the hands and eyes gone wild, scrutinising peoples doing and dressing~ lalalalala...

Today, i went out at half past seven, and came back at 8.30 pm. Dem exhausted!

Light off..

Nite folks~!

“im so sori meena, gonna work extremely hard tomorrow to complete our presentation stuff”

This time, i promise you.


nak pergi cnie..
rasa nk lari2, rasa nk guling2..
padang rumput menghijau dan langit yang biru
wahai alam yg terbentang luas..
bawalah resah ku ini bersamamu..

-malam ini malam ke 26-

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