Wednesday, June 9, 2010

pixie needs nanny~ ;)


today was kind of a new experience for me.. I had my first job done! as a nanny for a five years old sweet girl, Halle. I got a call few days ago asking me to look after her daughter during her meeting. Approximately for 5 hours. From 1-6pm. Hurm guess she found my ad at gumtree. act, i juz reposted my ad and luckily i had this one responded.

at first, i was a bit nervous since i was requested to go to the Chiefly hotel in the city. had few hours spent to find this hotel, laz nite. however, Juli, the person who called me, seemed seriously in need of help. so, this afternoon berserahly, i went to d hotel and met her and halle at the lobby. *i bet she might be surprise to see me as a Muslim girl* whatever~

halle: "ok let me guess ur name. erm zeina?"
(she kept asking and guessing my name even i had told her times.
n it always be zeina instead of zeiti)

so, there we were, spending great time together. first, me and halle juz went into her room but since she really loved to play with the elevator, we went up and down the 19 floor few times before i brought her to a park at the gardens point.

at d city, she had requested me a raspberry ice cream so i bought her j la . ergh i never thought of spending 3 dol on a single scoop for a kid who only had few licked on it before it went into a dustbin~ ces!
hahaha wutsoeve la Halle, u r so cute neway. always suggested many many games. besides,u were lucky to have me who layan those ideas and made some silly faces and jokes for you..

halle: "lets make cranky faces!"
(pic terpksa d katunkan sebb mine was so horror) =p

halle: "why do you scare of it (iguana)? he wont bite you"
(ye la xbite. kna gigit skali br tau)

halle, in her world of pixies and fairies~
she was busy finishing her hotel for those fairies.
(that was mine with two big leaves. nice kan? hahaha)

our pixies houses! (we spent hours on it) penat gler melayan
she was Lucky, a pixie, and me as MAMA, a fairy (pixies' mother) aduai~

let's take our picture together!

HAlle dearest,
i might not see you anymore and i bet that was the last time i had the chance to meet you but we did have a great time together and it gonna be one of my sweet memories dear..gudnite honey~

it wasn't so much about getting job actually or how much i had been paid
but it was more to find someone that i can treat juz like my little brother. that's made me accepted this job.
i mizz them a lot! huhuhu

Alhamdulillahi 'ala kulli hal


debudebanana said...

wah wah wah...
practise jaga anak sendri ka cik??

lpas ni,ssah la hg nk update blog kan...

nnti aku nk tgok entry pasal strawberry plak..huhu..

brapa hg dpt bayaran jadi nanny ni??

z.e.t.t.y said...

haha yg aku xmau sebut tu jugak la hg tnya no.. erm aku minx 14 dol per hour ja. dy bg 100 td. isk, cam nk bg balik ja..haha poyo~ rezeki murah sket td. xbajet dy nk bg byk tu..

fatalist said...

wow byk gile la jdi nanny..nk jdi nanny jgk..

Sidratul Muntaha said...

ko dah bole kahwin ni.mana tahu berkat ko jaga dia,muka anak ko nanti iras2 orang putih.haha...

z.e.t.t.y said...

fareha: lucky me j tuh..pasnie xtau dpt ke x g keje nanny. yg nie dy dr perth, dtg meeting.

fatin: tu mase pregnant aku jg budak nie br la nk lekat mu dy.. hahahaha
tp part buleyh kawen tu aku stuju! hahahaha~!

naseb budak nie xbuas. kalau x.. letih woo. nie pown maen kejar2 brapa round.

shuk said...

hahahah eskrem 3dolar

linkwithin @>--

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